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Executive Committee
Anne Choe

Anne currently serves as President of SIWA. An American citizen from the Washington, DC area, she has been an active member of the association since joining in January 2014. Anne served as President from 2015 to 2016, Chair of the 2015 Annual Charity Gala, vendor manager for Coffee Mornings, and has been closely involved in the activities of the Welfare Committee. As a former education management consultant, she is passionate about serving under-represented students. She is currently mentoring multicultural middle school students in Seoul.

VP Brand Communications
Robin Carney

Robin joined SIWA in August 2015 and served as Newsletter Manager from 2015 to 2016.  A dual American-Portuguese citizen, after finishing her MBA, she worked for Deloitte as a management consultant in New York and Lisbon. She then moved into the non-profit sector, managing fundraising and communications projects for breast cancer charities in Portugal and Belgium. After 15 years in Europe, Robin and her family moved to Seoul and are excited to explore Asia.

VP Fundraising
Amy Lee

Amy Lee fulfilled an integral role in the 2015 SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar and the 2016 SIWA Annual Charity Gala. A native of Seoul, she has lived in the United States during her primary years and currently works in textile manufacturing and exporting company. Amy loves cooking, sewing and making crafts. She is passionate about helping vulnerable populations, especially children and animals.



VP Operations
Mhyla Borkowski

Mhyla currently serves as Vice President of Operations of SIWA, a position she has held since 2015. An American who grew up in California, she relocated to Seoul in June 2013. Mhyla has previously served on the SIWA Executive Committee as Board Administrator and for Communications. She leads SIWA’s Moms & Tots Interest Group. Prior to Seoul, she made a career change from engineering to work in a non-profit hospital system in Las Vegas. Mhyla keeps busy with photography, Zumba, and cooking.

Board Administrator
Ariane Amiot

Ariane has served as Board Administrator of SIWA since 2015. A French citizen she relocated with her husband to Seoul from Germany in late 2014. A business law and tax professional, Ariane has nearly thirty years of experience as a financial auditor. Ariane was the vendor manager for Coffee Mornings and the Bazaar in 2015-2016. She leads SIWA’s Book Club Interest Group. Ariane enjoys mountain activities, sailing and art.


Sandhya Ramabadran

Sandhya is a native of India and has worked for over 8 years in the banking and financial services industry. Sandhya previously served with SIWA as a planning team member for the 2015 SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar and as Website Content Manager. She spends her time these days with Korean language classes and taking in the sights & sounds of Seoul. She enjoys travelling, music and reading.

Linda Lee

Linda spent years working in Los Angeles and New York museums, cultural centers and a charitable foundation before relocating to Seoul. Formerly the leader of Moms and Tots, Linda has been on the Treasury Team since 2014. When she is not helping at a SIWA event, Linda and her boys can be found playing at local parks and on the riverside bike paths.

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