SIWA Teams

On any given day, SIWA members – often with their friends and family – are learning something new, discovering a hidden talent, sharing their experiences or giving back to the community through one of SIWA’s Interest Groups or Tours. Whether it is a one-day outing or a monthly gathering, join in the fun through one of these SIWA member – organized and – led activities. Online advance registration is required.

If you would like to join the Tours Team or be a tour coordinator for the day, please contact

If you would like to create a new Interest Group, please contact

For information on tours, please go to SIWA Tours page or take a look at SIWA’s Interest Groups.

For other activities, please go to SIWA Special Events page or the SIWA Calendar

Book Club (BC)
  • Book Club meets once a month to discuss a book chosen by the group. These casual gatherings enable members with different backgrounds to share their thoughts and cultures with each other, all of which make for a deeper
    ding of the book. 

    Books are announced in advance.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Ariane Amiot
Community Service (CS)
  • Community Service offers opportunities to lend your time and energy to directly support the good work of numerous local charity organizations.


    Each community service project is unique with different time commitments and activities.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Lydia Koh and Monica Park
Cultural Connection (CC)
  • Cultural Connection aims to foster better understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture. A SIWA member hosts the gathering at either her home or another venue, gives a brief presentation about her home country and shares a traditional snack.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Bockhee Lee
International Culinary Exchange (ICE)
  • International Culinary Exchange is a delicious way for SIWA members to use their culinary skills, learn about the food customs of other countries and exchange recipes. The host member teaches the cooking class, either at her home or at another venue. All participants receive cooking instructions and share the prepared meal at the end of the class.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Michelle Morrison
Korean-English Conversation (KE)
  • The Korean-English Conversation group offers the opportunity for Korean speakers to practice their English and for non-Korean speakers to practice their Korean, at different meeting places, such as museums, parks, etc., during lunchtime. Members learn, teach, and encourage each other through casual conversations.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Kyung Hee Park
Moms and Tots (MT)
  • Moms and Tots provide an opportunity for “Mom members” to build friendships and meet playmates for your children. Meetings take place at a park, indoor playground, kids’ museum or café.

    Members hold events for holidays, special occasions like baby shower parties, “Mom’s Night Out,” and more. Ages range from newborn to six years old.

    Open to members only.

  • Leader: Mhyla Borkowski and Heidi Hadfield
Photo Club (PC)
  • Photo Club members meet once a month to gain skills in taking more artistic and structured photographs. Activities include photo shoots, gallery tours, technique workshops, peer feedback and an annual photo exhibition. A camera is required.

    Open to members only.


  • Leader: Inyoung Choi
Transition Group (TG)
  • Transition Group is a forum for SIWA members to support each other in making sense of their life transitions and finding adaptive strategies. A wide variety of transition-related topics, including personal growth, multi-cultural issues, third culture kids (TCK) and family support are discussed.

    Open to members only.
  • Leader: Isabelle Min
Working Women’s Network (WWN)
  • Whether you are dedicated to raising a family, building a career or balancing both – we are all working women. The group meets regularly over dinner at different restaurants in order to accommodate SIWA members and non-members who are better able to meet during the evening. The gathering features a guest speaker and enables members to network socially and professionally.

    Open to members and non-members.

  • Leader: Michelle Morrison
  • The Tour Coordinators offer a wide variety of cultural, artistic and recreational outings in Seoul and across Korea several times each month.

    Tour Coordinators


    Meet your Tour Coordinators.

  • Leader: Greta Tonnon